Welcome! to Sandra Galati: My Thoughts :: My Words.

I am the founder and creative writer at, my primary blog. My favorite things to write at Word HUGS are PoetrySilly Little Affirmations, and my Tweetables (Morsel Motivation Quotes) that I share on Twitter.

This is where I share Sweetables. Sweetables are my quotes (with short stories attached to them) that are “Too Long to Tweet but Just As Sweet.”

Give my writings and/or my recordings a few minutes of your time today, and please know that the GPS (Guidance and Positivity in Storytelling) coordinates of My Thoughts :: My Words are precisely configured to touch your heart.

If you’re up to it, read A Morsel About Me. If you’re a blogger, like or comment on one of my posts, so I can make my way over to your writing space to learn more about you.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs from the Heart,


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