Decision-Making? There’s Gonna Be Fallout

No matter what decision you make, there’s gonna be fallout. Fear about making decisions is called decidophobia and fear can and will overwhelm you if you avoid the inevitable.

After my mom died, I inherited a plaque that hung proudly in her laundry room powder room. It made sense for me to have it because I’ve lived the words on the plaque throughout my life: “Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision.” Mom, rest her God-loving soul, passed this characteristic on to me, right along with her wispy fine hair and plus size nose. The D-sized breasts she sported conveniently skipped a generation where I was concerned though. Sigh.

Physical attributes aside, lately I’ve been practicing the skill of making up my mind, minus the drama I’ve been conditioned to believe is part of the process. I’m getting better at harnessing my power instead of falling prey to fear through doubt. When I don’t, my productivity takes a dump, to put it bluntly. This results in a negative ripple effect that causes constipation consternation in the people who depend on me and expect me to decide already. In other words, defecate or get off the pot. (I know what you’re thinking. My play on words skills are badass! If so, the next paragraph will not disappoint.)

For the best outcome when decision-making: get the facts; think it over logically and in good time, and let it rip! Release the decision into the wind. No looking back. No second guessing. No regrets. No matter what happens, you’re a hero. Believe it. Even if you fall into a pile of dung because of your decision, in the end, you’ll come out smelling like a rose.  Roses Icon image #13906

Decisions are the only thing we can count on to be a part of our lives from the moment we are wise enough to make them until the moment we are foolish enough to waste time with regret about them.

Hugs from the Heart,


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