Sad Story In Three Words

I was challenged on Twitter to write a sad story in three words. Here it is: “Fighting the Inevitable.” I’ve been doing this a lot lately, especially when it comes to aging.

Everybody knows the negative effects of aging are inevitable, that is if you live long enough to experience them. I’ve lived long enough. I’m grateful for this ; God knows I am, but sadly, I’m also poised to defend myself against the loss of many of my assets. It seems they’ve gone on a forever getaway south-of-the-borderline-of-attractive. *sigh*

My fight is without merit; I know. Unless I turn to drastic, sometimes risky measures (plastic surgery, botox, whatever), I have no chance of winning against the inevitable. However, there is something I can do. I can give myself permission to create the best possible experience and outcome of my own inevitability. This will take a willingness, on my part, to accept and respect what is.

Fighting the inevitable will harvest a fruitless and tasteless bounty. Letting go of bland, colorless drupelet: my fears about aging, is the best and only thing I can do. I’m sure to find out that this will bring me inevitable peace, thus ending this sad story on a happy note.

Hugs from the Heart,

sandraImage result for smiley face

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