Open Your Eyes to the Possibility!

Recently, I took on the responsibility of designer and project manager on a home renovation adventure. The task of making the right decisions, keeping the project within or under budget, and maintaining my sanity, all at the same time, was a challenge.

All was going well.

Until it wasn’t.

What happened to turn the project upside down, from challenge to bloody nightmare?

I ordered a solid surface countertop for the kitchen and bathrooms. The sample in the store looked good. I felt confident about my decision, but unfortunately, installation day shattered my confidence into a zillion sharp, cutting pieces. The worst part? There was no way for me to clean up the mess without getting cut and bleeding profusely, deep down inside my pocketbook.

A call to the store to voice my disapproval was pointless. The choice I made was mine alone. The results and consequences were mine alone. Nothing could or would change this reality. The only thing to do was to accept my decision. Did I mention that I was born without the accept-what-is chip? I was and because of this I lost sleep about the countertop.

Night after night, I lost sleep.

Until I didn’t.

I figured out that I had no choice but to change my attitude about what I was seeing, so I highlighted the positive by coupling the negative with eye-catching accoutrements.

The lesson I learned through the home reno was that the way you see something may be a disservice to you and to the something you see, unless you open your eyes to the possibility!


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