A Quote Changed My Life

Once I understood the following quote in all its profound wisdom, and I believed its relevance in my own life, my life changed:

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Unknown

This quote is attributed to “Unknown.” Sad. I’d love to know who to thank.

This quote helped open my eyes to my worth, not overnight, but over time. Through the years, I’ve learned that I can’t force people’s affection. I’ve learned not to depend on people’s approval, and when I feel ignored, irrelevant or inconsequential, all I have to do to get over it is tune into my faith.

You can do it, too!

Stay faithful to your creator’s vision of you. This will open your eyes to what you’re really worth. I’m not talking money’s worth. Although monetary worth is important and necessary; it’s secondary to the kind of worth that’s personal, unique, and visible only in one’s own eyes and the eyes of one’s creator.

Image result for eye icon No eyes look upon you with more acceptance and love.

Image result for eye icon No eyes look upon you with more delight in your existence.

Image result for eye icon No eyes look upon you with greater hope for you to see yourself through the eyes of compassion than your most holy creator.

Compassion creates worth. Worth creates compassion.

Hugs from the Heart, 


4 thoughts on “A Quote Changed My Life

  1. Reminds me of my favorite saying taught to me by the mentor who turned my life around:

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      1. Time gets away from me. You and your mom have remained in my heart, even when I don’t let you know… I do miss her calls, her voice.

        2 rehabs after 2 surgeries last year kept me occupied (injuries to hand, then leg, nothing systematic). Also travel to family funerals, especially in a wheelchair, don’t qualify as vacations.
        I’m now back to hiking/climbing and excited to be surprise-visiting my only aunt for her 95th birthday April 7 in No. California.
        Life–the good, the bad, etc. !

        Just love reading your posts Sandy, and spend way too much time whenever I can filling up my spiritual tank. You are so beautiful and sharing of your gifts.

        My very best to Steve and please keep doing God’s work.

        Love & Misses,
        Anne in LV

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