You have to capture and hold your freedom to be ~~free~~

Freedom for me is to be able to express my thoughts and feelings on a subject without fear of being uncharacteristically labeled, abused, discriminated against and/or harmed physically, mentally, or financially if/when others decide my views are outside their creditability threshold. #FreedomOfSpeech

Freedom for me is to hold onto a right that’s been given to me, even though that right isn’t popular because it’s not always used in honorable ways. #RightToBearArms

Freedom for me is to host my faith in God, Universal Source, whatever it/he/she may be without condemnation from those who disagree with me AND never to be forced into false beliefs, theories, or practices by those whom I disagree. #FreedomOfReligion

Freedom for me is to lawfully own and maintain my own home and property without fear that it will be taken from me by an authority with other ideas about how my home or property should be used. #RightToOwnPrivateProperty

Freedom for me is the ability to give my children the opportunity to learn, within the scope of an accredited home, private or public school, one that provides a quality, individualized education as a means to secure a productive, successful end, even if the process means going against the norm. #FreedomOfEducation

Freedom for me is to live or travel within my country of origin and the world with peaceful content that wherever I go, I will be welcomed, wanted, and revered for the value I bring with me to that place, even if it’s unique to the mainstream. Along with this right goes the responsibility, on my part, to live an exemplary life and demonstrate the characteristics of such a life with those I know and those I meet along the way. #FreedomToTravel

Rightsboth constitutional and human, are our birthright as citizens of the United States and the world. When a right goes wrong the answer may be to reexamine it and find logical solutions to problems relating to it, but the right should never be taken away permanently. The answer is always to hold tight to that right.

It’s not the takeaway of a right that will fix a wrong. Wrongs help us realize the importance of keeping our rights in tact as a way to preserve and maintain our freedom.

Hugs from the Heart,


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