Simply Grateful for the Simple Things In Life

My friend on Facebook posted a list of simple things she’s grateful for in her life. She asked me to join her, so here is my appreciation list:

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate the sun when it shines through my bedroom window in the morning. It gives me the visual reminder I need to be a welcoming light to others. Keep shining Mr. Sunshine, I need all the help I can get with this one.

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate the soft rain that falls throughout the night. Like tears, the rain renews my senses.

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate my hope rock because hope rocks! It really does.

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate the calming light of my salt lamp. It casts a pink glow and who can resist a pink glow? Not I.

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate freshly painted nails and pampered toes. They’re neat and tidy and nails on fingers and toes should always be neat and tidy. Too bad mine rarely are, but I keep trying!

Flower Icon 16x16 I appreciate new buds and flowers on my grapefruit and lemon trees and the heavenly smell that comes along with them. You’ve never smelled beauty if you’ve never smelled a citrus blossom.

Flower Icon 16x16 Most of all, I appreciate hugs. Sounds cliché and contrived, but I can’t get enough of them. Hugs recharge my battery. The energy from a warm hug revs me up. They energize me! So, I can appreciate more of the simple things that make my life worth appreciating.

What simple things are you grateful for?



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