What’s the Most Nutritious Food for Life? Connection.

I’m all about eating right by eating the most nutritious food I can get my hands on, which in my case is normally fresh, organic, raw fruits and vegetables. I’m doing what I can to keep the dis-ease that is a part of my life through autoimmune disorders at bay.

Aside from the food aspect of my life is the nourishment I crave from wholesome relationships with my family and friends, which if I’m honest with you, has waned significantly.

In the years since my diagnosis of autoimmune disorder(s), I have bowed out of almost every social occasion. Why? Mainly, I didn’t feel well. I didn’t look well and I didn’t have the fake-it-till-you-make-it reserves enough to carry me through the process of elimination of the toxins feeding on my body and mind and still get out there and socialize like I used to. In my condition, it was more trouble than it was worth. It was easier for me to stay home than it was to stay in touch. So, that’s what I did; for more than 8 years, I stayed home.

Now, that I’m feeling a little better, I’m not there yet, but almost! I’m warming up to the idea of getting out to socialize more. Meeting with friends for a drink at the local bar—juice bar, that is— doesn’t make me cringe like it used to.

I’m hoping I haven’t compromised the connection with my extended family and friends so much that the social muscle we used to build through daily, weekly, monthly and even annual interraction hasn’t atrophied beyond repair. Might there be nothing left but saggy memories?

I think the lesson here for you and me, although it may be a little late for me, is that no matter how you feel, you gotta get out there with your family and friends and be honest with them about what’s happening in your life. Not to the point of talking about your situation ad nauseam, but within reason. You know.

If the relationship is strong and capable of holding up to the stress and strain put on it due to life’s inconsistencies, you know you’ve got something good and this is good to know. You have to trust your family and friends. Give them the chance to prove their strength in holding up their half of the relationship. If you don’t, you lose.

Sustaining quality of life isn’t just bout nourishment through food, it’s about nourishment through connection: caring, loving, giving and receiving—all with grace.

Hugs from the Heart,


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