Mountains, So Many Mountains

You know that job you need to find? Mountain.
How about the mortgage and other bills you have to pay. Mountain.
What about the book you want to write? Mountain.
Oh, and the marathon you want to run? Mountain.
How about that apology you should make? Mountain.
Then there’s always the business you have to babysit, the kids you have to raise, the dog you have to walk, the house and garage you have to clean, the grass you have to mow, the snow you have to shovel, and the energy you have to find to get through it all. Mountains ALL Mountains.
To top it off, there’s the clock you need to beat to get things done on time. BIG Mountain.
Last but not least, there’s the health you must reclaim due to stress-related illness. BIGGER mountain.
Is there a chance you’ll fail when you try to move and/or conquer your many mountains? YES.
Your ability to look beyond the mountain, toward the light that shines on the fact that you lived to see another day, even though there’s still some darkness to overcome, is the BIGGEST mountain of all.

You may not be able to move the mountain,
but you can, if you try, appreciate its beauty
when the sun rises above it. 


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