We’re Human; Therefore, We Struggle, We Err, and We Pay the Consequences

My Sweetables quote about self-respect came to mind today, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Self Respect: It’s yours if you want it, but you’re going to have to battle others for it because many times they want your self-respect more than they want their own.

Normally, I don’t get a lot of activity when I tweet out a quote. This tweet wasn’t all that different, except several people did send a private comment of approval that included the words: “brilliant” and “meaningful” and “wow!”




To counterbalance the good comments, I was also gifted the following: “you suck” and “you make no sense.” Evidently, it was important for the people who wrote these comments not to pass up the opportunity to inject my mind with doubts about my ability to be a relevant (self-proclaimed) Morsel Motivation Quote Writer.

As much as I tried not to get sensitive about the negative comments, I did get sensitive. So much so, I briefly battled back, but thankfully, I stayed out of the mud about it.

I’m happy my quote opened some eyes, especially mine. My reaction proves my willingness to protect my self-respect. The negative responses prove how coveted my self-respect is and the extent to which a person(s) will go to try to steal it away from me, even at the cost of forfeiting his/her/their own self-respect in the process of being cruel.

Does any of this make any sense to you? Or, is the person who said I make no sense the only one with any sense?

To simplify, which I should have done in the beginning of this post, the issue of self-respect boils down to ego. Doesn’t everything?

I struggle with ego.
I struggle with self-respect.
I struggle, plain and simple.

I have a feeling you struggle, too.

Together, many of us struggle with the possibility that we may be capable of stealing someone else’s self-respect and forfeiting our own at the whim of our ego.

We’re human; therefore, we struggle, we err, and we pay the consequences. If not immediately, eventually.


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