Who Holds Your Best Interests At Heart?

Mom always held my best interests at heart, but when her heart stopped, she gave them to me for safe keeping.

After my mom died, I wondered who, if anyone, would be as good and as dedicated as she to the job of holding my best interests at heart. Not even I held my own as well as she held them for me.

Since I’m married to a generous, kindhearted man, I thought maybe my husband would hold my best interests like my mom used to. Then, I remembered, he already holds them, he always has, and I believe he always will, even if the load is a bit heavier now that mom is gone.

Holding my best interests wasn’t my mom’s job, but she took the job as her own when I was born and she never retired the position. Holding my best interests isn’t my husband’s job, although he never complains about helping me out.

The transition since mom passed away opened my eyes to whose job it is to hold best interests. I realized the job is not a solitary one, it’s one of concerted effort.

You share the weight of my best interests, and I share the weight of yours, and together we share the weight of the world’s best interests, and in turn the world shares the weight of ours, and this is what lightens the weight of the world from everyone’s heart, head and shoulders.


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