I Don’t Mean for My Words to Be Hurtful, but Truth Does That Sometimes

Yesterday, I inadvertently bruised and battered a friendship, which left said friendship in critical condition, all because of a few words. They weren’t bad words, they weren’t even hurtful in the way you’d expect, but they still hurt the person to whom I said the words.

I’m all about words over here. I even have a website called Word HUGS dedicated to growing myself and others into “encouraging word specialists.” This scenario is why I maintain the website. I need constant reminders to behave in the words department. Even so, sometimes I forget and I let the words, albeit rough and jagged-edged, fly into the face of whomever I’m talking to or communicating with.

Yes, I admit it; I have a tendency to say things that unknowingly hurt people. I sincerely don’t mean for my words to be hurtful, but truth does that sometimes.

I refuse to beat around the bush or couch my words with subtleties. I have something to say, so I say it, outright, no matter how outlandish. I don’t say what I say to be mean, at least not on a conscious level. There’s no changing me at this point in my life, but when my words hurt someone I care about, they hurt me, too, evidenced by the loss, or at least the severe wounding, of a friendship.

Here’s the crux of the problem with me and my relationship with words: I have what seems to be a slight masochistic tendency to be blunt despite the hurt it will cause ME, MYSELF and I. *Sigh*

Here’s what I hope: I hope that those who really know me and care about me will accept me, now and in the future, for the truth I bring to a conversation.

There’s only one thing I can do to make amends for the insensitive words I said. Forgive myself and pray that my friend will find it in her heart to forgive me, too.

Forgiveness heightens the dreamworks of your mind during the night and wakes you in the morning with the kiss of contentment.

Hugs from the Heart,


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