The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Create the Best Soul-Soil for Growth

You know those things in your life you’re not all that proud of? Yeah, those things. When you combine them with all the other things in your life they make up the whole of who you are. Without them, your pretty much a halfwit, boring, perfect blob of an individual who nobody wants to be around. Harsh but true.
The contrasts of who you are make up who you are, and it’s the contrasts that make you interesting when you meet up with other diverse minds with stories a lot like yours but completely different from yours, each rich in ups and downs, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, clean and dirty, in-alignment and off-center.
Who do you want to be locked in a room with or stranded on a desert island with or caught in freeway traffic with? The person who’s never made a mistake and brags about it with cocky abandon -or- the person who’s not afraid to admit mistakes, who’s proud to tell the story of all the lessons learned from each one? Who’s going to be more interesting? Whose sharing of their soul-soil will enrich yours? The perfection connection will leave you cold and void of the energy and nutrients necessary to keep you growing forward. I guarantee it.

The best life-soil for growth is diverse and rich in the spoils of experience. It’s nutrient dense, so it can grow you into the you you’re meant to be, so you can live the life you’re meant to live.

Hugs from the Heart,


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