There’s a Lot of People Just Like You, But You’re YOUnique

If you’re wondering if there’s anyone out there like you, I’m here to tell you there is.

I’m not talking about the unique you. I’m talking about the out of touch you, the disheveled you, the I don’t do anything right you, the shunned by a family member you, the recently hated by someone who used to be a friend you, the I can’t seem to break through the monotony you, the nobody listens you, the house is a mess and I could care less you, the bills are stacking up and there’s no money to pay them you, the car has no breaks you, the struggling to make it through another day because you’re joints ache from stress you, the why did I eat that you, the am I ever going to beat this depression? you, the aging parents need help and I have no energy to do anything about it you, the I’m a failure with no hint of success in my future you, the why is it always raining you, the I’m sad the world is in ruin you, the politics sucks you, the where have all the flowers gone you.

There’s a lot of people like you out there. No doubt about it.


YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in this achy-breaky WTF stuff.

Everyone else has achy-breaky WTF stuff they’re going through and hoping one day to triumph over, too. They may fake it better than you do, until that time comes, by convincing everybody that life is grand and happy and without pain, but you, my dear, are a warrior against “fake news.”

Here’s something you need to know: Just because you’re not unique in your struggles doesn’t mean you’re not unique. You are unique and genuine and truthful and straightforward and that’s the best kind of YOUnique you can be.

Keep going.

Keep being you, YOUnique.

You’re a loving, worthy person.

I hope you know this and remember this.


Hugs from the Heart,


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