Where Do You Want to End Up? Focus On That.

Motorcyclists know that staying focused on the road is the key to arriving safely at their destination.

To get ready for the pitfalls on the road, before bikers can legally ride, they have to pass a preparedness class. One of the subjects discussed in the class is something called target fixation.

Target fixation is when a motorcyclist focuses so intently on an obstacle on the road that the action necessary to avoid the obstacle isn’t taken in time or not at all, resulting in an unexpected detour or worse, a collision!

Studies show that you go where you look, so the key to a safe journey to wherever you’re going is to look past the object you want to avoid and focus on where you want to end up.

Although there’s no preparedness class for life, we can learn a lot from the principle of target fixation.

Successful people focus on their goal. They don’t let the minutia that comes between them and what they want cause them to wreck. When it comes to you and your own goals, keep going at a steady pace with eyes on the end result, not the dead-end. If you don’t, you risk a collision with disappointment and possibly the tragic death of your dream.

Goals: You’ll get there fast if you learn to look past.

Tell me about a time when you experienced target fixation in your own life. Did you just take a little detour off goal road or did you experience a head-on collision with failure?

Whatever happened, I hope you’re back on the road again and enjoying the ride!


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Want to End Up? Focus On That.

  1. Target fixation is pretty dangerous while riding, it can get you in a bad place before you know it.

    Target Fixation in life can be burdensome aw well. If your focus is to extreme then you may lose site what is really important and before you know it, your life has passed you by….

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