By Hook or By Crook

I’m following the Facebook posts of a friend from high school who’s with her daughter who’s in labor. She’s been in labor for two days. The doctors have been giving her shot after shot of pitocin to try to get the dilation process to kick into high gear. It’s working, sort of, but not exactly at high-gear level.

This little one is taking his time coming out to greet his mommy and daddy, his g-ma and the world. Do you blame him? Have you read and/or seen the news lately?

Authorities on the subject (aka, other commenters on my friend’s Facebook page), think the time is almost here because the mom-to-be is blowing chunks (better known as vomiting). This, according to them, is the definitive sign that the baby is coming soon—centimeters be damned!

I’m sure the “authorities” are correct. By hook or by crook, natural or c-section, the baby is coming out, as babies always do.

One of the greatest joys for a mom-to-be is knowing the baby will come out, but the incomparable mom instinct will stay inside her for life.


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