Prom: Gone Are the Days of Tulle and Teal

It’s prom season. Yay! No, I’m not 17, nor do I have a 17-year-old young woman or young man at home who has been to prom or is preparing for the big day. I’m living the excitement of prom vicariously through my family and friends who have kids prom-going age.

The photos are coming into my Facebook news feed, on Instagram, and on Twitter like breaking news from all the major news organizations I follow on those same social media sites.

The first thing I notice about the photos I’m seeing is the sophistication of the kids going to prom in 2017. It floors me that these kids are kids! They look like 20-somethings and models from Vogue or W Magazine. Where’s the BIG hair, the puffy sleeves or any sleeves at all!, the ruffles, the wide-collared shirts, the bell bottom pants, the tulle and the teal?? 

Thankfully, none of the above fashion faux pas are happening now. Those trends were hysterical, embarrassing, eye-rolling and head-shakingly wrong, BUT that’s what makes them memorable and roll-on-the-floor fun to look back on. 

Although the prom pictures I’ve been seeing in my social media news feeds are so good they’re magazine worthy, they lack the humor-factor, and it’s the humor-factor that brings you back to the memorable times in life over and over and over again.

Learning how to laugh at oneself is one of the best growth gifts there is in life.

I’m not suggesting that looking like a fool at the prom is the only way to learn not to take yourself so seriously later in life. To be honest, I went to prom each year of the four years I was in high school, I looked as big a fool as the rest of my peers, maybe more, and I still have to work on not taking myself too seriously, but that’s a topic for another time. I’m just saying, you can’t beat the humor-factor. You just can’t! 

The pictures of prom from the relatively old days were far from perfect, but that’s what makes them perfect!


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