The Golden Girls’ Lesson In Chronic Illness

Ah, The Golden Girls. I remember the show well. I used to watch it religiously. It was funny, most of the time, but the subject matter in this episode got real. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.
This is what it feels like to have a chronic mystery illness that goes unrecognized and/or ignored. At the time this show aired, I was suffering with chronic fatigue and migraine headaches, which are neurological in nature and relate to the dysfunction of the central nervous system. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and my doctor wasn’t willing and/or able to identify the cause of my illnesses. Drugs were my only option, but that lead to other problems with my heart and my digestive system. Even with the identification of chronic illness, many times, it’s dismissed as benign. You’re told to go home and get some rest. Tomorrow will be better. Unfortunately, tomorrow came empty-handed. I wasn’t better. In fact, I was worse.
Today, conventional medicine is still on the fringe of darkness. My mystery illnesses (plural), once you get one autoimmune-related illness more follow, have a cause and a cure.
The cause is the viruses that burrow deep inside your cells, heavy metals like mercury that are passed down to you in-utero, not to mention the mercury from a broken thermometer or from vaccines or dental work. The cause is pesticides and herbicides, radiation, parasites, and emotional trauma and stress. All of these things affect your health in negative ways. Some people are more susceptible to the destruction caused by these and other toxins than other people. It all depends on the level of toxicity you’re born with and that which you are exposed to on a regular basis. Toxins freeload off your body’s energy and nutrition. Your ability to withstand toxins depends on how fast your skin, lungs, kidneys, colon, and liver, facilitated by your lymphatic system, can usher them out of your body.
The cure for chronic mystery illness?
It’s in your awareness: the awareness of your symptoms and how they relate to the functionality of every organ and cell in your body; the awareness of the air you breathe, the food you eat, the liquid you drink, the supplements you take, and the mind you cleanse, all in an effort to detox and heal.
I know this because I am a work in progress.

Health is an evolution; it changes like the seasons—hopefully finding it’s harmony and home in the warm and fruitful.

I am finally experiencing a return on the long-term investment I made in the regeneration and revitalization of my health through significant diet and lifestyle change.
Healing from chronic mystery illness of all kinds is hard. It’s isolating. It’s frustrating. It’s also worth it.
I still have work to do, but the battle lines were drawn, and I am finally staring into the face of a victory!
NOTE: Although I am mainly a raw vegan/fruitarian, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on my blog. My words about health are my own from research I’ve done through the years. My experiences are my only resource EXCEPT for the most important resource I’ve ever read: Anthony William @MedicalMedium. Please consult his books for symptom causes and cures. I wish you good health.

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