Hope Rocks

I have a rock on my desk that I thought would look better with the word hope written on it because everybody knows—hope rocks, right?

Sometimes my cleverness blows my mind. 😉

Seriously, hope does rock, but it rocks only if you’re strong enough to stay hopeful through all the crap that life throws at you without warning.

For the last several years, life’s been throwing a lot of crap at me on the sly.

The difference between me today though and yesterday? With the help of my handy-dandy hope rock, I’m not taking anymore crap because I’m throwing hope back at life, and I’m breaking the windows into my own soul.

I’m looking through my broken-soul windows and seeing me in a way I’ve never seen me before.

I’m seeing the reasons behind why I suffer.

The reasons are complicated but not too complicated that I can’t see my way around them, back to the hope I thought I lost, long ago, along the way.

Hope is never lost. What gets lost is our commitment to hope.

I know now that hope is not lost on me.

Write the word hope on your very own rock. Use that rock to break your very own soul-windows and look through. I’m sure you’ll find that hope is not lost on you either.

Hugs from the Heart,

Sandra Galati

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