Tiger’s Last Fall

I’ve been there, where Tiger is.

I’ve been at the bottom with the excrement that becomes sustenance for the feeders of ugliness and hate.

It’s so dark down there even the devil shudders about it.

Thankfully, I found my healing.
I am and will continue to be a work-in-progress.

I hope Tiger finds his healing, too.

This is nothing for the public to laugh at or scoff about.
This is something that deserves attention for all the right reasons.
This is everything lessons are make of and we can all learn from Tiger, once and for all.

For this, the lesson, Tiger is still, at least in my mind because I’ve been there where he is, a superstar.

I’m grateful nobody was hurt in the making of this drunk driving arrest.

Unfortunately, many people have been hurt, most of all Tiger and his family, in the making, or should I say the breaking of this life due to emotional pain, that transforms into physical trauma, that drops the best of us to our knees.

There’s nowhere to go now, Tiger, but UP! You can and will get up and stay up, never to fall again, at least if I have something to say about it. 😉

Tough times will come. The only way to see them go is to keep your head up and wave goodbye.

Godspeed, my friend.

Hugs from the Heart,


NOTE this CORRECTION: According to ESPNTiger was asleep at wheel before arrest. Regardless of the reason for the arrest, the lesson for all of us remains the same.

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