The Dilemma

The following words aren’t just those of an ancient proverb to be read and dismissed. No, these words, the message is relevant and an astute harbinger of life in the world today.

When the axe came into the forest, the trees said: ‘The handle is one of us.’ 


It took me a minute to understand the meaning of this proverb, but when I did, its profundity gave me the chills. 
Ask yourself these questions to get a feel for what I mean: 
Do I give that which may be used against me and risk becoming the beneficiary of misplaced generosity?
Do I deny, out of fear, and risk the guilt of learning later that the beneficiary I denied was genuine and worthy of my generosity?
Here’s the dilemma: No one is exempt from making the decision and no one is exempt from the consequences of making the decision. 
So, what would you do? What will you do? Give and risk being cut down, destroyed about it or deny and risk feeling down, destroyed about it?
Take some time to think about it. 
In the meantime…
When it comes to decision-making, give yourself credit for not cowering to the cause that waits for you to set into motion the effect.
Hugs from the Heart,


Proverb origin: The Woodcutter and the Trees 

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