Social Anxiety Is a SADness More Than It Is a Sickness

Social Anxiety:
It’s a SADness because you live your life feeling all eyes are on you and judging you, when in fact, everyone’s eyes are focused on themselves or the person in the room without social anxiety who’s making a difference. SAD.
It’s a SADness because nobody cares about you. They care about themselves and what move they’re about to make to get others to care about them, too. SAD.
It’s a SADness because nobody wonders about you. Wondering is a boring waste of time. Absolutes are more interesting and results oriented. SAD.
It’s a SADness because you never feel like you fit in. You are like an out-of-fashion, faded sundress on a bent wire hanger surrounded by contemporary couture. SAD.
Social anxiety fails you before you get the chance take the test. SAD. 😦
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Social anxiety is a SADness because far too many people are afflicted. Far too many people miss the truth and happiness that is found in genuine human connection and interaction. 
It’s SAD, but here’s what isn’t: When a person with anxiety finds his/her way out of the maze of SADness, through work on detoxing the adrenal glands, her/his affliction will be the one to fade away. You CAN bring back the truth and stop being SAD. The POWER is in you. 🙂
Hugs from the Heart,

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