For Father’s Day: I Forgive You and I Forgive Me

I’m a product of the dysfunction in which you were raised. Although it saddens me that I didn’t overcome the negative influence you had on me enough not to occasionally inflict it on my own family, I appreciate that you taught me a most valuable lesson through all the pain.

You taught me how important it was for me to choose, with great care, the father of my own children. You taught me that it is a father’s love and guidance that is the sustaining force in a family. From you, I learned, who to choose to marry. Thank you for this, dad.

For the record—I forgive you and I forgive me.

Today, I celebrate you and the man I believe you had a hand in bringing into my life to be my husband.

Happy Father’s Day! to two polar opposite personalities, but two men who share one important thing in common: me.

I wrote a poem for my husband years ago. He asked me to share it with my friends today as his Father’s Day gift because he thinks it’s pretty cool. I said I would.

* * *

His Hands

His Hands
do the work of ten men
in the course of a day.

His Hands carry
the lives of loved ones
as if they were tiny eggs
in a nest
shielding them
so not to disturb
the developing embryo
that is family.

His Hands create
that lead to treasure
and good fortune.

His Hands applaud
and lessons

His Hands cup
the burden of life
clutch the positive
and like a sieve
release the negative.

His Hands pick up
the pieces of despair
and replace them
with baubles of hope
when it seems
all hope is lost.

His Hands wipe tears
of joy and sorrow.

His Hands have power
to move mountains.

His Hands make a strong
impression on the world.

His Hands play.
His Hands soothe.
His Hands comfort.
His Hands caress.
His Hands love.
His Hands hold—
my heart.

* * *

If you’re a dad and you’re reading this you’re missing the U.S. Open! Happy Father’s Day!

Hugs from the Heart,



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