Patriotism: The Red, White and Blue of It

I read an article recently that warned against the use of coconut oil. I call bullcrap on this warning. Coconut oil has health benefits that should not be dismissed at whim. Doing so is un-American!

The healthiest thing we can do for our diet is introduce moderation into it.

Here’s something else that should NOT be dismissed at whim: the dangers associated with the use of pharmaceutical drugs. What leaders in healthcare should be warning people about is how medications hurt us. They do not heal us. 
Healthcare leaders should also be educating us about proper nutrition. I have several (many) autoimmune conditions that almost took me out before I wised up and got serious about sticking around. If I would have listened to my doctors, I would be on heavy-duty meds today. Instead, I’m on a healthy, plant-based diet.
We the People are led to believe that when dis-ease sets in, we lose our power. That is a lie. A BIG lie. If you’re sick, it’s your wake-up call to life. It’s your wake-up call to harnessing your power, not losing it. Healing takes work and dedication, but it can and should be the most important goal in life for anyone suffering. The alternative is existing predicated on the availability of your medication. And when I say existing, I mean exactly that. It’s not living like you were meant to live when you’re stuck in the prescription medication maze. Here’s the kicker, existing on medication is not a given either. Have you seen/read the side-effects of a majority of the frequently used medications? Not good. Not good at all.
Here’s who our leading health organizations are beholden to. Sorry to tell you, you’re not on the list. Image via a documentary called, “What the Health.”
6-17-2017 4-01-07 PM
As you know, pharmaceuticals only mask symptoms, they do not cure disease. I’ll go even further and say that pharmaceuticals allow for the acceleration of damage to the body through bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., that feed off of pharmaceuticals. With few exceptions, medication is not the answer.
When we talk about the healthcare system in the United States, we all know it’s in trouble. If people truly want to be patriotic and help the country heal and thrive, people need to heal and thrive themselves—first. 
The antithesis of patriotism is the lie told to us by our doctors when they say that our disease is too far advanced for natural remedies, and that our autoimmune system is attacking itself, and that there’s nothing we can do about it.
The biggest lie is the one told to us by the person we trust with our life, our doctor, when she/he says, “You can’t heal. Medication is your only option for a quality life.”This is not reality. The red, white, and blue of it is that true freedom comes when you get off your medication. 
Don’t listen to the lies.
There is a lot you can do.
The question is: Will you put in the time and effort to do it?

If humans want to reach and sustain the pinnacle of good health, they will feed the body less and the soul more. 

I hope you decide to take back your power like I did.
Hugs from the Heart,
This is an opinion piece, obviously. I have no authority to give you medical advice. I base my opinion on what I’ve learned from the research I’ve done on the subject of health as it pertains to me, myself, and I. Please consult with your medical adviser before going off medications. Titrating off prescription drugs must be carefully monitored for best results. Thank you. 
Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness

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