The Most Misunderstood Role In Life

The rolls we play in life have meaning; they matter; they bring us to a clearer vision of ourselves in the lives of others.
Never underestimate your role in someone else’s life, especially your role as mother, mom, mama, mommy. It is the finest, most coveted, most important role ever played by humankind. It’s also the most misunderstood.
The role of mother is a one-of-a-kind, one-and-only, no-second-chances, no-takebacks kind of roll that those of us who are in it must acknowledge and bring the enormity of it to the forefront of our awareness in order to sustain ourselves in the role and be any good at it.

In The Creator’s Eyes, the role of mother, mom, mama, mommy is forever.

Even with all that said, it’s important for every mom to know that you are loved and you are admired for taking on the roll of motherhood. Even when you make mistakes and fall face first onto a hard, unforgiving ground, and you lose yourself in pity because you believe you’re forever ruined in your role, there is hope and redemption in your creator who entrusted you to the role of mother, mom, mama, mommy. Forever. ♥
Hugs from the Heart,

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