Horror In the Chair


I read a story, recently, about a dad who brought his 5-year old daughter to the dentist, and unbeknownst to him she was subjected to a chilling controversial procedure that left him and his daughter shaken to the core. You can read the story here: Dad Banned From Dentist Exam Room Rushes In Anyways

I’m sad for what this little girl was forced to experience. Believe me, this memory will stay with her for life. I know because I, too, had a stressful and scary experience at the dentist’s office when I was a little girl that I still remember vividly.  

When I was 6-years old, my dad brought me to the dentist. I had a “help me now or I’m going to run into speeding traffic” kind of tooth ache. The receptionist told my dad to sit in the waiting room. She took me to another room and told me to sit in the dentist’s chair.  Gladly, was my thought. “Let’s do this!” I said to myself.

The dentist in his arrogance, dressed in a mid-length white coat adorned with the faint splatter of blood from his last victim, came into the room, and without so much as a “this is going to hurt you more than it does me” comment, he proceeded to rip the abscessed tooth with 1″ roots out of my mouth, sans Novocaine!

I screamed like I was dying because in my 6-year old mind, I was. The last thing I remember is the look of—oops, maybe I should have okay’d the Novocaine—on my dad’s face as he pushed his way into the room. 

We live in an environment of pain and suffering, a mountainous challenge of darkness to overcome, but thankfully, the sun rises over mountains.

I blocked out what happened next. I have a feeling the dentist’s coat revealed a few more spatters of blood when all was said and done.

It was a horrible experience for me. I still feel extreme anxiety when I have to go to the dentist. So, I don’t go very often. I’ve taken my oral health into my own hands, and thankfully, I’ve been successful, so far, at keeping tooth decay and gum recession at bay: Be Your Own Dentist!

For those of you who say, “That was then. This is now. Get over it.” I’m pretty sure I see a root canal in your future, but oops! no pain meds for you. S-o-r-r-y!

Have you had a trying time in a dentist’s chair, too? Share with me. In return, I’ll be happy to commiserate with you. 

Hugs from the Heart,



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