You Know What I Love About Music? II

Have you ever quantified the value of music in your life, past and present? 

Think about how different, hollow almost, your life would be without music. Think about all the times that are defined by the songs that play in the background of your life: the happy ones, the sad ones, and the ones that make you feel more powerful than you really are and more vulnerable than you ever thought you’d be. 

Contrast your vision of music with that of its creator/s, and the true power of music becomes crystal clear in its ability to extend beyond the senses into the whole of one’s psyche.

Think about how music is there for you when you don’t know anybody to call, and even if you do, you’re afraid the person you call may show you they don’t care as much as you thought they did. 

Music—music is the sound you need in your ear: the living, breathing frequency you crave. 

Music holds your heart and squeezes it, just enough, to get the blood pumping alive! into your veins.

Hugs from the Heart,



Read: You Know What I Love About Music? 

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