Dear Tiny Dancer, I Count the Blessings, Not the Headlights, On the Highway

Have you ever been so dazed in thought that you lost sight of one or more of your senses? I have. Unfortunately, my daze almost led me into a car accident. No joke.

Here’s what happened: I was on the highway going home after a visit with the good people at the Lowe’s garden department. I went there looking for plants to replace the ones that used to live in the strategically placed pots in my backyard that died due to the heat.

I found periwinkle. According to my newfound garden gnome friends, periwinkle has the best chance of survival in August in Arizona. 

For safekeeping, I loaded my adopted plants into a styrofoam cooler in the trunk of my car that I use for perishables after grocery shopping.

Sirius Radio was playing my songs from the 70s on the way home. The volume may have been up a bit too loud, but it was music from the 70s, you guys. Music of that era doesn’t sound good unless the speakers it comes out of are dancing along with the beat.

I was hauling my way down the highway listening to Elton John’s, “Tiny Dancer” and thinking about the first time I heard the song. I thought about the guy I was dating at the time. Was he happy? Did he still have washboard abs? What about that tan that rivaled George Hamilton’s? (You know George, he’s the guy on the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials.) And the most important question of all, was he sober? 


So many memories; too many memories, all rising to the surface of my awareness while driving. Not good.

Memories are slick, like the oil that rises to the surface of the road when it rains. I’m telling you right now, like oil on the road in a rainstorm, memories on the road are not conducive to safe driving, and if I’m honest with myself, I’d admit, here and now, that I was driving under the influence.

My drugs of choice? Music and memories (M&M). They’re lethal if you’re not careful.

The red light was as bright and as loud as it always is to my senses of awareness. Too bad my awareness was anything but bright and loud. It was focused on “Tiny Dancer” in all her inconspicuous charm.

Are you lucky or are you blessed? I’m sure you’re a little of both. Here’s the difference between the two words: Luck relates to chance. Blessings relate to intention. Chances are you’re more blessed than you intended, which makes you pretty darn lucky!

When I finally snapped out of my M&M trance, I hit the brakes—hard!

My vehicle stopped me in the middle of the intersection (no spin, no smoke), and at that exact moment, thank you to my guardian angel(s) and praise the Lord Almighty!, the light turned green for traffic going my way. So, I went on my way with my heart in my throat and gratefulness on my tongue for the accident that never happened.

But oh, how it feels so real,
sitting here with no one near,
only I can hear me,
when I say softly, slowly,
let me go tiny dancer,
I must count the blessings
on the highway.
I had a busy day today.

My periwinkle plants? They were no worse for the wear. My decision to put them into the cooler for safe keeping really paid off. My under $20 purchase at Lowe’s was not in vain.

Drive safely, everybody! Leave the M&M for those lazy Saturdays when you have the time and the mindset to really enjoy them. I know I will from this day forward.

Hugs from the Heart,


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