“What a feeling! Together, We All Stopped and Took Notice!”


A friend of mine observed something today during the eclipse that was equally profound as the eclipse. She said, “What a feeling! Together, we all stopped and took notice!”

Yes! For a time, like the moon and the sun, we were one. This got me thinking. Please allow me to wax poetic about it.

Today, we were united in the presence of the blending of two of creation’s most majestic lights. Proof that we can come together like the sun and the moon if we try.

It will be a little dark for a while, as we struggle to overshadow each other with our egos, but if we stay hopeful, the diamond ring of compromise will show itself and brighten everyone and everything!!

Hope feels good. 🙂

A troubled mind begs attention from a hopeful heart.


Please, nobody bring me back to reality about this. I prefer to live my life with my protective glasses on, so not to burn a permanent black hole through my heart and my soul.

Gif Source

Today, the sun and the moon shared a moment and we were witness.

Although my view of the eclipse was relatively uneventful, it was beautiful as it always is when I step outside and the awareness of my blessings shine on me like the sun and pull me into a state of gratefulness like the moon.

Today, the moon and the sun kissed. Together, we all stopped and took notice. Love is in the air! Can you feel it?

Hugs from the Heart,


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