Island of Misfit Heirlooms

My husband and I worked four months. We spent hours and hours of our time going through the things she left behind. Separating the glass from the wood, the plastic from the fabric, the furniture from the accessories, the jewelry from the clothing, the lighting from the electronics, the books from the games and everything in between.

Most of mom’s stuff was orphaned. St. Vincent de Paul was chosen the foster home for her unwanted treasures. During the process of elimination, the donation truck was at mom’s house so many times I knew the guys who drove the truck on a personal level.

It broke my heart to see the beloved possessions of my beloved mom piled high and messy onto a dirty Clampet-style truck, only to be shoved against the wall or into the corner or thrown atop piles of other people’s stuff once it arrived at the foster home on the island of misfit heirlooms.

Today, I continue on in the process of elimination. My husband and I are on a mission to thin out the stuff we’ve gathered over the years because the truth is our stuff will not be welcomed into the home of our own children. It will become a sad burden to sort through and contemplate until the time comes when they call for pickup.

Hugs from the Heart,


One thought on “Island of Misfit Heirlooms

  1. Hello my dear Sandy. How timely your message appears once again

    I thought that the house had been sold long ago. I do not envy the job you have had and hope other family have been helpful. 😋

    I m at that point for myself and am having a hard time. My goal is to spend an hour a day just shredding files that go back to Havasu days. The “stuff” after that is overwhelming.
    I still keep a triangle table that I got from one of your Mom’s garage sales.
    My “kids” want me to sell. Period. No plans thought or mentioned. My neice/executor in PA has her hands full with my brother even after we got him placed in April in a place where he is happy and and his dementia can be monitored. Her brother in Oregon thinks I should move there, period. (I guess he would feel better, as I wouldn’t be so “far away”). (What about me, as I would have to find a place of my own where I only know them, but not live with them).

    Last Saturday I lost my oldest sister who lived in Vermont. Last night I got a call from my youngest brother who told me that my youngest sister had a stroke yesterday morning. Was flown to U of Penn hospital, so I m waiting to hear back from that branch for status. They got the clot and feeling was returning to the left side.

    I am trying to get a reverse mortgage so that I can stay in place, so lots of work on my part and stressed to my limit.

    I agree with you that the boys won’t want your stuff- as super fantastic as it all is. That’s just the way it is.
    Antiques I now plan to sell, after saving for the kids all these years.

    Not slept in days, so now I dump on you. It’s always so good to connect with you but sorry to be at such a time.

    Pray for me and I will surely continue to send up more for you and Steve.

    Big Hugs Back,
    Anne Marie


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