If You Like to Eat Meat, Eat Meat!

Did you watch the video?

Did you see it?

A cow.

A real cow!

Both sadly and thankfully this cow has nothing in common with the industrial food cows that are treated like non-entities by their human masters. No! This cow and others who are treated humanely have feelings and personalities. Wait—what’s that you say—the industrial food cows have feelings and personalities, too. Yes, they do, but they’re held against their will, bullied into submission, fed crap food, injected with antibiotics, and so much more that those unfortunate cows experience nothing but fear and sadness. They don’t get the chance, nor do they know how cool they can be.

You’re about to click away from this post, aren’t you? You think I’m going to ask you to give up meat, don’t you? You think I’m going to try to convince you that you’re a bad person if you don’t stop eating meat, right? I’m not going to do any of those things.

I don’t think you have to give up meat. If you enjoy eating meat, eat meat. I don’t think you’re a horrible person for it. I like meat, too. Do I eat it? No, but I like it. I miss it sometimes, but I made a personal choice not to eat meat, anymore.

The more whole foods you eat, the more illness you defeat.

My reason for not eating meat has more to do with me than with the animals that I care deeply about. My choice not to eat meat stems from my desire to be healthy. The topic of meat and health is complicated, so I’ll add only one comment on the subject. Meat creates thick blood and a fatty liver. Sounds bad, huh? It is, but even though meat isn’t the healthiest food you can eat, it has its place in the diet for those who enjoy it and aren’t concerned about its side-effects. 

Now that you’re off the hook, so to speak (ugh, that was a horrible pun), I’m going to ask you politely to do one important thing in honor of the farm animals who give their lives for you: PLEASE, PLEASE buy grass-fed meat from humane ranchers. It’s important, not only for the animals, but for you. The meat is cleaner, no hormones, no antibiotics, etc., and the animals graze like real cows.

Before I gave up meat altogether, I was buying from US Wellness Meats.Their meat was delicious. The meat from grass-fed animals needs to be cooked low and slow to be tender, but it’s healthier for you and from what I’ve read and heard, the animals are treated better than the industrial food cows for the time they’re here on earth. This is the least meat eaters can do.

And if you’re thinking that you can’t afford grass-fed meat. I get it. In this case, do what you can to cut back on the amount of industrial food meat you eat. You may discover that you feel better when you don’t eat a lot of meat. If you’re worried about protein, eat greens: fresh, raw, organic greens like butter lettuce, romaine, kale, swiss chard, and others.  

If you need more convincing that eating meat via industrial food animal production is less than optimal for the animals, Google “mistreatment of farm animals.” I thought about providing a link to a video about this, but it’s too horrific. I don’t even want to touch the ugliness of the link, let alone the meat from these animals.

Remember, your steaks, chops, ribs, etc., come from a living, breathing animal that goes though a traumatic experience to end up on your plate. Those fight-or-flight hormones that stream through their veins in times of stress, which is every minute of every day, stream through every piece of meat you eat. Sounds yummy doesn’t it?

Before you go, please visit the Barn Sanctuary website. I’m happy to provide their link on my page! They seem genuine about their care and concern for animals, so I support their efforts. I hope you will support them, too.

Hugs from the Heart,



This is a health-related opinion piece. I have no authority to advise you one way or another about your health. I base my opinion on what I’ve learned from the research I’ve done on the subject of health as it pertains to me, myself, and I. Always consult your healthcare provider for the best advice for you. 

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