The Middle Has Its Drawbacks

I don’t agree with either political side (Left or Right) about everything. I walk the middle ground between the two major political philosophies because I enjoy the give-and-take that lives in the middle.
The middle has its drawbacks; however, I’ve had nightmares where I’m standing alone, and I’m stuck between two ugly factions. My arms are outstretched. I’m using every muscle I’ve worked so hard to build since coming back from chronic illness to hold back the out-of-control bullies that are going after each other like rams vying for a mate. They’re hellbent on killing each other with their contentious attitudes, hate-filled speech, and dogma-burdened minds. Both sides are unwilling to give an inch for the other.
I’ve never made it through to the end of that nightmare, but I suspect I’ll lose my foothold in the middle and the bullies on the Left and the Right will finish each other off, so to speak. Sad as this sounds, it will allow the calmer, more focused minds that remain an opportunity to pick up the pieces of the disaster that rots and molds in the hot sun and pollutes the stagnant political air.
Honestly, I look forward to the day the nightmare ends.

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