Sea of Indiscretion


Almost every day we hear about another high-profile case of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. I equate what we’re witnessing in the news, entertainment, and politics to what’s happening in the Salton Sea.

Not familiar with the Salton Sea?

It’s a saline lake in the Sonoran Desert of California. It’s 227 feet below sea level and it’s an eerie, strange place to be.

From a distance, the Salton Sea looks like any other lake with a white, sandy beach that would tickle your feet as you walk the shoreline. The truth is the sand on the beach is made exclusively from the remains of a multitude of sea creatures and birds of prey. The fresh water that used to share space with the salt has evaporated to a catastrophic level suffocating all but the heartiest of its water tenants.

The extreme amount of salt in the Salton Sea isn’t it’s only problem. It’s fading away due to evaporation. To make matters worse, without enough water from rain and run-off to refill the ever-expanding, vacant areas of the basin, a pungent and disturbing smell rises up and has been known to travel with the wind to areas way beyond its source.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the area every year, just to witness the show of destruction for themselves.

Why would I equate the Salton Sea with what’s going on in America right now? Because what’s going on right now in America is a shit show of destruction, a lot like what’s going on in the Sulon Sea. The evaporation of personal responsibility and respect for others has led to pervasive wrongdoing on the part of powerful people. People who wield their power in the most corrosive ways, leading to the death of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-reliance in their victims.

We all stand by and like tourists at the shore of the Salton Sea we witness the harsh consequences of exposure to a longtime covert culture of power over women. It’s a culture that looks pretty on the surface, but it’s ugly underneath. It leaves behind the remains of a multitude of women who feared for their loss of self-preservation to powerful men of prey. It also leaves behind the perpetrators of this fear who are forced out of their habitat, left to suffer in desolation once the disturbing smell of their indiscretions rises up and travels with the wind to areas beyond their source.

The news world, the entertainment world, and the world of politics are eerie, strange places to be that smell of distrust. They smell like the Sulton Sea. It’s gross. It’s disturbing. They leave behind a pungent aftermath that assaults all of our senses.

As the saline level rises in the Salton Sea, this is our call to action to reconcile our own character erosion. We must fill our own culture basin with fresh, clean resolve because the Country’s fragile eco-system of emotion is at its tipping point.

Hugs from the Heart,


Read more about the Sultan Sea:

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