No Gifts for Christmas? For My Family, It’s Been Eight Years and Counting…

Today’s a good day to wrap Christmas gifts! That is if I had any gifts to wrap, but I don’t.

For the last eight years, my family and I have cancelled the gifts at Christmas by choice. Our tradition gradually changed from ultimate gift-giving experience with boxes and bags piled high under the tree, to the ultimate time-giving experience, with moments spent eating, laughing, and just hanging out—together.

When you think about it, gift-giving is a year-long activity. We give to each other whenever and however we can. So, not giving wrapped gifts to each other at Christmas makes Christmas different and thus even more special.

We don’t forgo the gift giving completely. Together, we decide on a charity that would benefit the most from our combined Christmas fund and donate the money we’ve saved. Last year we chose to give to the Humane Society.

What else do we do?

On Christmas morning, we meet in the kitchen, and together we prepare a feast fit for royalty in celebration of the birth of the King of Kings. We also place time-intention notes into each other’s stockings. These notes are our promise to spend one-on-one time with each other, sometime during the year.

Too much time in life is spent on the stuff that steals us away from the stuff that really matters.

The money spent on each activity is limited to $25, but most of the time there is no money spent at all. The good thing about time is that it’s a FREEBE—it’s FREE to just BE.

I have to admit that this idea of no gift giving is easier because my kids are grown, unmarried, and without kids of their own. It may not have been possible to pull this off when my kids were younger, but even for those of you who still have young children at home, it’s important to remember that there is more to the Day than just ripping open one present after another. A little less in terms of gift-giving and a little more in terms of quality time-giving may turn out to be way more than you can imagine.

Try not to wrap yourself up in what should be. You won’t have the time or energy to wrap yourself around what is. And what is is that precious TIME is better than anything you can tuck under your tree.

There will be no gifts under our tree again this year. Not one. Except for the decoys, filled to the brim with hope for a future of good health, happiness, and prosperity.

The greatest gifts on earth are those unsuspecting of their own worth: HEALTH, HAPPINESS, PEACE and TIME. These precious gifts don’t flaunt their value, so it’s easy for us to dismiss them as secondary to our lives, until they fade away, and we learn their worth the hard way. 

Today and every day—let’s celebrate the greatest gifts on earth for the priceless value they bring to our lives.

What time-giving gifts will you be offering to those you love this Christmas?

Here’s to a Christmas to remember.

Hugs from the Heart,


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