How Not to Spill Your Coffee

This morning, I brewed my liquid-wake-up-call, Chichagagandha Detox Coffee, poured it into a cup, and headed for my (home) office to check email and catch up on the news of the day.

I knew I poured my cup a little too full, but “Oh well, what the hell.” I thought if I shuffled my feet from the kitchen, through the family room, and down the hall how hard could it be to make it to my desk without spilling. I did okay until about half way there—then—I lost it.


If you think about it, our emotions are a lot like liquid in a cup. For many of us, it’s difficult to keep them contained. They slosh about in their vessel, eager to make their mark on the world, much like a big, fat, hot drop of coffee on a tile floor.

I did a Google search on the subject of walking with coffee and I found this: Science Reveals How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking.

Like coffee and everything else in life, emotions are energy. Sometimes emotional energy is positive and helpful and sometimes it’s negative and hurtful. It’s clear to me, when I hear the news of the day, there’s a lot of negative, hurtful emotional energy sloshing inside inflexible vessels—vessels ill-prepared to calm the emotional waves inside them before they lose it and spill out, leaving big, fat, indelible marks on the clean hearts of innocents.

People are like the ocean. We’re deep and dark with emotions that are hard to get to the bottom of.


People are like the ocean. We’re deep and dark with emotions that are hard to get to the bottom of. Maybe the research information about the best way to walk with a cup of coffee without spilling will apply to emotions, too.

Speaking of deep and dark, my recipe for Chichagagandha Detox Coffee is my favorite way to wake up my day with an ocean of detox deliciousness in a cup. Maybe it will be yours. Give it a try!

Chichagagandha Detox Coffee

1 T Chicory Granules
1 Tsp Chaga Mushroom Powder
1/2 Tsp Ashwagandha Powder
1 tsp fresh lemon or lime juice
Raw honey to tasteAdd water to fill a beautiful, unique cup. Then, pour that water into a pot. Add the chicory granules, chaga powder, and ashwagandha powder to the pot and bring to a shallow boil. Turn off the heat. Pour/strain the liquid back into your cup and add the lemon juice and raw honey to taste. (Click the links for ingredient information.)

When it comes to negative emotional energy, here’s to a no-spill day/life for all of us. When it comes to positive emotional energy, you have my approval to spill it with reckless abandon all day, every day. :)Hugs from the Heart,

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