Island of Misfit Heirlooms

My husband and I worked four months. We spent hours and hours of our time going through the things she left behind. Separating the glass from the wood, the plastic from the fabric, the furniture from the accessories, the jewelry from the clothing, the lighting from the electronics, the books from the games and everything … Continue reading Island of Misfit Heirlooms

Bad History

We should not erase history but we should acknowledge its flaws, and do what we can to heal it with compassion. Read more by clicking the post title.

“What a feeling! Together, We All Stopped and Took Notice!”

Today, the sun and the moon shared a moment and we were witness. Click the post title to read more!

We Will Never Regret Compassion

In the end, will you reflect with regret that you took down statues that represent a horrible time in our history, or will you delight in knowing you faced history with the attitude of compassion for others. Read more. Click the post title.

America Is Multi-Cultural and Its Values are Non-Negotiable

I know I'm not alone when I say that I thoroughly enjoy the shared cultures of the world that reside here in America. I do not take them for granted, not for a second but if you want to be a part of America, be a part of the whole of America. Put your all into being an American first. Read more by clicking the post title.